How to prepare your home for the real estate market

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Right now the real estate market is booming and you want to consider every aspect of maximizing your value before taking the leap. When someone visits your property the first steps will be taken on your front yard.

Here are a few ways to make that initial experience even better. Let’s focus on cost effective measures first. Consider brightening up your yard with a few simple garden beds. Adding a few colourful plantations to your garden, or including a few potted plants makes the home feel more inviting and colourful. A vibrant look will add some excellent curb appeal to your home. Another option is to have your yard professionally maintained. Consider this the equivalent of getting a haircut before a big job interview. A quick landscape maintenance visit can help remove any unwanted eyesores around your property. 

white and black wooden house on green grass field during daytime

If you feel the need to take more drastic measures consider elements in the construction aspects. Inspect your walkway, or driveway for wear and tear. A few cracks or stains can bring on a bad impression and lower a buyer’s opinion before they have even walked through the door.  Even your curbing or edging may have shifted or cracked over time and could use a repair or adjustment.  Finally, check your irrigation system is fully operational. A quick maintenance check can ensure there is no damage to the system.

Small adjustments to your property’s landscape can increase your value tenfold. With houses being sold as fast as they are put on the market it is tempting to simply just sell as is. But remember to ensure you are getting the maximum value for your property.

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